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An amateur photographer who uses her lens to capture every memorable moment that is beyond describable through words. 

Photography is a form of documentary art. It's a medium to share experiences that are out of our day-to-day. It's expressive, imaginative, and intangible. 

I hold the belief that every space possesses a unique narrative, and my aim is to illuminate these stories through my photography. I aspire to document the diverse lives within our society and share their compelling narratives through captivating visuals.


Belinda Sun

I started my photography journey in 2016. My first camera was Fuji X40, a compact and retro-style sensor camera. Fuji is famous for its colorful and high-quality images

The camera I currently use is Canon EOS RP with EF 24-105mm f/4 len. It's a mirrorless camera built with a lighter weight compared to DSLR

I am originally from Taiwan and now reside in London. While my professional journey unfolds in advertising/marketing, my heart has always gravitated towards the realms of photography, design, and fashion

I believe visuals carry a more potent expression than words, unfettered by a specific meaning. Inspired by Steve McCurry, I will continue my work to focus more on exploring human spirituality, documenting the beauty and hardship of  different lives 

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